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Serbian Journal of Management, 5(1) (2010) 1 - 188

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Endan Ayvaz and Davut Pehlivanlia Enterprise Risk Management Based International Auditing and Turkey Practice 1
Chandrasekaran Kathiravana, Natarajan Panchanathama and Sivasundaram Anushan The Competitive Implications of Consumer Evaluation of Brand Image, Product Attributes and perceived Quality in Competitive Two-Wheeler Markets of India 21
Ivan Mihajlović, Đorđe Nikolić, Nada Štrbac and Živan Živković Statistical Modeling in Ecological Management Using the Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) 39
Dharmendra Mehta, Jitendra K. Sharma, Naveen K. Mehta and Atul Jain An Empirical Study on Young Executives' Response Towards Pop-up and Banner Advertisements 51
Said Kingir and Muammer Mesci Factors that Affect Hotel Emplozees Motivatuion - the Case of Bodrum  59
Marija Nedeljković Pravdić How to Create Powerful Brands - an Investigation 77
Ivan Stefanović, Predrag Damnjanović and Ondrej Jaško The Analysis of the Contemporary Environment Impact Upon Organizational Operations 97
Shashi Srivastava and Divya Srivastava Interest Rate Derivatives in Indian Banks 111
Gyaneswar Singh Kushwaha and Deepak Barman Development of a Theoretical Framework of Supply Chain Management 127
Nadeem Malik A Study on Motivational Factors of the Faculty Members at University of Belochistan 143
Milan Stamatović and Nebojša Zekić Effects of the Global Economic Crisis on Small and Medium Enterprises in Serbia 151
Letters to Editor:
Daniel Pavlov University Support to Technostarters' Buseiness Models 163
Isidora Đurić, Đorđe Nikolić and Milovan Vuković The Role of Case Study in Management Research 175