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Serbian Journal of Management, 9(2) (2014) 145 - 292

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Ivan Mihajlović Possibilities for development of business cluster network between SMEs form Visegrad countries and Serbia 145
Kornelia Lazanyi Entrepreneurs of the future 149
Ana Tomovska Misoska, Miodraga Stefanovska Petkovska, Misko Relev, Venera Krliu Handjiski Workspace as a factor of job satisfaction in the banking and ICT industries in Macedonia 159
Ildiko Marosi Roles of socialisation  in strenghtening the labour-market positions of young entrants 173
Juan David Arranz Garcia, Jose David  Vicente Lorente Exploring the link between managerial outcomes and investment performance of entrepreneurs 183
Ladislav Rolinek, Jaroslav Vrchota, Jana Kubecova, Monika Švarova The level of process management principles application in SMEs in the selected region of the Czech Republic 203
Dragan Pavlović, Milena Todorović, Srđan Mladenović, Peđa Milosavljević The role of quality methods in improving educational process: Case study 219
Marija Savić, Predrag Đorđević, Đorđe Nikolić, Ivan Mihajlović, Živan Živković Bayesian inference for risk assessment of the position of study program within the integrated university: a case study of engineering management at technical faculty in Bor 231
Olga Vladimirova Valieva Organizational routines in Russian companies-Review of practices 241
Oyerogba Ezekiel Oluwagbemiga The use of voluntary disclosure in determining the quality of financial statements: Evidence from Nigeria listed companies 263
Gordana Nikić, Vesna Travica, Milena Mitrović Differences between employees and managers regarding emotional competences 281
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