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First announcement and call for papers

Environmental and Material Flow Management

First announcement and call for papers
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The articles appearing in the list below have been submitted to the Serbian Journal of Management (SJM) for publication. The articles have passed the reviewing process and are accepted for publication in one of the following issues, based on the quality control and referees suggestions. Before the final publication the manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism on the official IThenticate platform. 

Editor-in-Chief has the last word concerning the issue in which each paper will be published. Also, Editor-in-Chief can, in his sole discretion, decide not to publish a paper from the list below, if the IThenticate control indicate some irregularities. Authors of the papers will have to sign an copyright agreement before the proofs of the papers become available online.

Article ID: Authors: Title of the manuscript:
17704-87048 Solomon Prince Nathaniel, Joseph Ayoola Omojolaibi, Chikaodili Josephine Ezeh Does stock marked-based financial development promotes economic growth in emerging markets? New evidence from Nigeria
15490-75490 Omvir Gautam, Pooja Agrawal Truency and job satisfaction among dual career couples towards organizational sponsored day care amenities in developing nation
17051-84133 Kennya Beatriz Siqueira, Marielli Cristina de Pinho, Cristiano Amancio Viera Borges, Marco Antonio Sundfeld de Gama Determinants of consumer behaviour when choosing between whole and skimmed UHT milk
19553-95743 Saša Krstić, Aleksandra Fedajev The role and inportance of large companies in the economy of the Republic of Serbia
18513-90474 Pavel Aleksandrovich Mikhnenko Mathematical model and method of complex organizational diagnostic
19019-92989 Bentolhoda Abdollahbeigi, Farhang Salehi The critical factors of IT governance and its impact on organizational performance in Malaysian manufacturing industry
17334-85458 Blaženka Piuković Babičković, Željko Vojinović, Bojan Leković, Drago Cvijanović, Otilija Sedlak, Zoran Ćirić Business process improvement of the wastewater treatment: reducing the risk of environmental pollution
18782-91708Denisa Petkova Zagorcheva, Daniel Yordanov PavlovDynamic estimation of the local business environment in support to investment decisions of the top managers
16685-81974Nada Milenković, Branimir Kalaš, Vera Mirović, Jelena AndraševićThe impact of macroeconomic determinants and tax form on inflation in selected Balkan countries
18882-92245Kurniasari Novi HardantiThe effect of gender, compliance pressure, audit tenure, task complexity, seniority audit and performance incentives toward audit judgment
20323-100079Akbar Jan, Subramani A. K., Radha Mohan Chebolu, Sasikala M. S. Examining the factors influencing adoption of e-banking services in Chennai sity
21798-107644Ljubivoje Radonjić, Danijela Despotović, Slobodan Cvetanović Fiscal management and political budget cycles in transition economies: data panel analysis
16198-79473Ahasanul Haque, Arun Kumar Tarofder, Naila Anwar, Ferdous AzamThe usage of communication technology during non-work hours: a study on employees of Malaysian higher educational institutions
20446-100761Jose Arias, Esteban Lopez, Andrea EcheverriE-Business capabilities and innovation performance: Mediating effect of knowledge management strategies
16198-79470Ahasanul Haque, Arun Kumar Tarofder, Naila Anwar, Ferdous AzamThe usage of communication technology during non-work hours: a study on employees of Malaysian higher educational institutions
22519-111189Amel Graa, Farid BenhamidaA review on optimization methods applied to energy management system
24058-119099Nikola Dondur, Vesna Spasojević Brkić, Aleksandar Brkić, martina PerišićThe economic feasibility of srane cabins with real - time computer - aided visual guidance system
22393-110701Hima ParameswaranStrategic human resource development - a manoeuvre for future competencies