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First announcement and call for papers

Environmental and Material Flow Management

First announcement and call for papers
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The articles appearing in the list below have been submitted to the Serbian Journal of Management (SJM) for publication. The articles have passed the reviewing process and are accepted for publication in one of the following issues, based on the quality control and referees suggestions. Before the final publication the manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism on the official IThenticate platform. 

Editor-in-Chief has the last word concerning the issue in which each paper will be published. Also, Editor-in-Chief can, in his sole discretion, decide not to publish a paper from the list below, if the IThenticate control indicate some irregularities. Authors of the papers will have to sign an copyright agreement before the proofs of the papers become available online.

Article ID: Authors: Title of the manuscript:
13429-64621 Bagher Asgarnezhad Nouri, Milad Soltani A hybrid model of factors affecting adoption of mobile banking technology between customers of Iranian banks
13786-66393 Ali Pourmahmoud Hesar, Mir Mohammad Sayed Abbaszadeh, Alireza Ghaleei, Hassan Ghalavandi Investigating the relationship between transformational leadership style and organizational identity of faculty members in the state universities of West Azerbaijan province, Iran  
13687-66060 Panteleimon Bakirtzoglou, Spyridoula Vryoni, Panagiotis Ioannou Hotel  spa managers' perceptions of service quality in Greece
13207-63547 Garima Rastogi, Hemraj Verma, Rama Sushil Determining factors influencing cloud services adoption in India
15263-74343 Andrea Dobrosavljević, Živan Živković Potential impact of the science-technology park on the regional development
14633-70651 Maya Rumenova Lambovska Control on teams: a model and empirical evidence from Bulgaria
14685-70925 Arindam Banerjee Measuring the efficiency of Indian cement companies utoilizing data envelopment analysis during the pre and post recession period
14734-71192 Elias Milana Impact of job satisfaction on public service quality evidence from Syria
15037-73020 Zorica Mitrović, Vladimir Obradović, Milija Suknović Knowledge management in the public sector - the case of Serbian local government
15801-77020 Evangelia Papasotitiou, Georgios Sidiropoulos , Stamatis Ntanos , Miltiadis Chalikias, Michalis Skordoulis  The relationship between burnout and job satisfaction: a case study for physical education teachers in a Greek area
16021-78298 Hector Montiel-Campos The entrepreneurial passion - entrepreneurial alertness relationhip: the moderating role of a creative personality 
16649-81764 Noemi Piricz Affecting determinants of trust in business relationships 
16715-82157 Vijay Kumar Jain, Pankaj Chamola  Exploring antecendents of responsible consumption using structural equation modeling 
15692-76491 Petra Vasanicova  Financial indicators of the company from electro-technical industry: the case study of Tesla, inc.
16850-83041 Gordana Gavrić, Snežana Kirin, Aleksandra Fedajev, Violeta Talović Phenomenon of mission in the companies in Serbia
16114-78927 Asad Ahmad, Arham Adnan, Mohammed Nevad Khan Lifestyles concepts and ecological behavior: An empirical study in India
16997-83933 Waseem Barkat, Loo See Beh, Adeel Ahmed, Riaz Ahmed Impact of intellectual capital on innovation capability and organizational performance: an empirical investigation
18009-88173 Le Ha Nhu Thao, Doan Ngoc Phi Anh, Jolan Velencei Measuring Corporate Social Performance
18826-91979 Vladimir Andrić, Jelena Minović Public debt growth, great recession and fiscal consolidation - the Serbian episode
15308-74552 Olusegun Emmanuel Akinwale Employe voice: speaking up in organisation as a correlate of employee productivity in oil and gas industry - an empirical investigation from Nigeria
17474-86087 Lenka Veselovska, Maria Kožarova, Jan Zavadsky Relationship between sharing and flexibility in management of enterprises in automotive industry: and empirical study
17704-87048 Solomon Prince Nathaniel Does stock marked-based financial development promotes economic growth in emerging markets? New evidence from Nigeria
15490-75490 Omvir Gautam Truency and job satisfaction among dual career couples towards organizational sponsored day care amenities in developing nation
17738-87174 Juyeon Oh Exploring the relationships among symbolic, instrumental images and attractiveness toward an organization in South Korea
16840-82953 Oksana Koval, Stephen Nabareseh, Roland Stankalla, Felicita Chromjakova Continuous improvement and organizational practices in service firms: Exploring impact on cost reduction