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First announcement and call for papers

Environmental and Material Flow Management

First announcement and call for papers
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The articles appearing in the list below have been submitted to the Serbian Journal of Management (SJM) for publication. The articles have passed the reviewing process and are accepted for publication in one of the following issues, based on the quality control and referees suggestions. Before the final publication the manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism on the official IThenticate platform. 

Editor-in-Chief has the last word concerning the issue in which each paper will be published. Also, Editor-in-Chief can, in his sole discretion, decide not to publish a paper from the list below, if the IThenticate control indicate some irregularities. Authors of the papers will have to sign an copyright agreement before the proofs of the papers become available online.

Article ID: Authors: Title of the manuscript:
13429-64621 Bagher Asgarnezhad Nouri, Milad Soltani A hybrid model of factors affecting adoption of mobile banking technology between customers of Iranian banks
13786-66393 Ali Pourmahmoud Hesar, Mir Mohammad Sayed Abbaszadeh, Alireza Ghaleei, Hassan Ghalavandi Investigating the relationship between transformational leadership style and organizational identity of faculty members in the state universities of West Azerbaijan province, Iran  
16715-82157 Vijay Kumar Jain, Pankaj Chamola  Exploring antecendents of responsible consumption using structural equation modeling 
15692-76491 Sylvia Jenčova, Eva Litavcova, Petra Vašaničova  Financial indicators of the company from electro-technical industry: the case study of Tesla, inc.
16850-83041 Gordana Gavrić, Snežana Kirin, Aleksandra Fedajev, Violeta Talović Phenomenon of mission in the companies in Serbia
16114-78927 Asad Ahmad, Arham Adnan, Mohammed Nevad Khan Lifestyles concepts and ecological behavior: An empirical study in India
18009-88173 Le Ha Nhu Thao, Doan Ngoc Phi Anh, Jolan Velencei Measuring Corporate Social Performance
15308-74552 Olusegun Emmanuel Akinwale Employeе voice: speaking up in organisation as a correlate of employee productivity in oil and gas industry - an empirical investigation from Nigeria
17704-87048 Solomon Prince Nathaniel, Joseph Ayoola Omojolaibi, Chikaodili Josephine Ezeh Does stock marked-based financial development promotes economic growth in emerging markets? New evidence from Nigeria
15490-75490 Omvir Gautam Truency and job satisfaction among dual career couples towards organizational sponsored day care amenities in developing nation
16840-82953 Oksana Koval, Stephen Nabareseh, Roland Stankalla, Felicita Chromjakova Continuous improvement and organizational practices in service firms: Exploring impact on cost reduction
15517-75666 Bader Almohaimmeed Pillars of customer retention: an empirical study on the influence of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, customer profitability and customer retention
15264-74365Aravind Mohanan PottiClient driven trading strategies: a practical modeling in the context of financial derivatives market
16341-80347Rina Herewati, Victor Wiley, Thomas LucasFactors impacting employee engagement and public organization performance in Jakarta
17051-84133 Kennya Beatriz Siqueira, Marielli Cristina de Pinho, Cristiano Amancio Viera Borges, Marco Antonio Sundfeld de Gama Determinants of consumer behaviour when choosing between whole and skimmed UHT milk
18064-88506 Denisa Hrušecka, Rui Borges Lopes, Eva Juričkova Challenges in the introduction of AGVS in production lines: case studies in the automotive industry
17569-86419 Gelmar Garcia-Vidal, Alexander Sanchez-Rodriguez, Rayner Perez-Campdesuner, Rodobaldo Martinez-Vivar The impact of self-confidence, creativity and vision on leadership performance: perceptions at Ecuadorian SMEs owner-managers
19553-95743 Saša Krstić, Aleksandra Fedajev The role and inportance of large companies in the economy of the Republic of Serbia
17336-85500 Luisa Diez Echavarria, Alejandro Valencia Arias, Jonathan Bermudez Hernandez,  Fausto Orlando Maussa Perez, Maria Lucelly Urrego Marin, Jairo Adolfo Torres Valasquez Extension of the systematic entrepreneurship intention model in university students
18736-91450 Slaviša Arsić, Dragan Pamučar, Milija Suknović, Miljojko Janošević Menu evaluation based on rough MAIRCA and BW methods
18513-90474 Pavel Aleksandrovich Mikhnenko Mathematical model and method of complex organizational diagnostic
19019-92989 Bentolhoda Abdollahbeeigi, Farhang Salehi The critical factors of IT governance and its impact on organizational performance in Malaysian manufacturing industry
18987-92790 Yann Pierre Donon Compendium: Knowledge eciinomy practices in the world of information technology
17334-85458 Blaženka Piuković Babičković, Željko Vojinović, Bojan Leković, Drago Cvijanović, Otilija Sedlak, Zoran Ćirić Business process improvement of the wastewater treatment: reducing the risk of environmental pollution
18782-91708Denisa Petkova Zagorcheva, Daniel Yordanov PavlovDynamic estimation of the local business environment in support to investment decisions of the top managers
18253-89544Elvira Tabaku, Drita KrujaAn integrated framework for customer loyalty in the hotel sector
14992-72792Ridwan Nurazi, Berto UsmanDoes search engine query data contribute to returns and liquidity
16806-82803Viktor Oliinyk, Olga KozmenkoOptimization of investment portfolio management