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Serbian Journal of Management, 18(1) (2023) 1 - 209

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Ivana PetkoviskiMetadataStructural PCA-MLR model of the innovation environment in BRICS countries1
Sundeep Singh Sondhi, Udit Chawla, Hena IqbalMetadataRelationship between social cause, environment conversation and environmental attitude towards promoting green purchasing behavior27
Milan Marković, Zoran Popović, Ivana MarjanovićMetadataTowards a circular economy: evaluation of waste management performance in European Union countries45
Jana Charvat Janechova, Jaroslav BendarikMetadataImpact of corporate identity on reputation and employer's brand59
Mladen Kostić, Aca JovanovićMetadataLanchester's equations as a simple strategic decision tools71
Olga A. Chernova, Inna V. Mitrofanova, Marina V. Pleshakova, Victoria V. Batmanova,MetadataUse of big data analytics for small and medium sized businesses93
Miloš KrstićMetadataClimate change in the EU: analysis by clustering and regression111
Lasma Licite - Kurbe, Liva SevcunaMetadataScenarios for the employment of people with disabilities by work integration social enterprises in Latvia  133
Snežana Radukić, Sonja Jovanović, Marija Petrović - Ranđelović, Zorana Kostić, Ivana IlićMetadataRelationship between price competitiveness, tourist arrivals, and tourism receipts in European countries  153
Monika Verbanova, Marcia Dutra de Barcellos, Milena Kirova, Hans De Steur, Xavier Gellynck Metadata Industry 4.0 implementation factors for agri-food and manufacturing SMEs in Central and Eastern Europe 167
Marina Alekseevna Romanovich, Nasser Safaie, Samaneh Agha Kazem ShiraziMetadataThe systematic approach to creating the proper motivation of young researchers in scientific institutions 181
Zoran Milosavljević, Andrijana MaksimovićMetadataMigration management - the cases of Germany and Hungary 197
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