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Serbian Journal of Management, 10(2) (2015) 141 - 277

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Đorđe Nikolić, Jelena Spasić, Živan Živković, Predrag Đorđević, Ivan Mihajlović, Jyrki Kangas SWOT-AHP model for prioritization of strategies of the resort Stara Planina 141
Darko Božanić, Dragan Pamučar, Dragan Bojanić Modification of the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) method using fuzzy AHP approach as a support to the decision making process concerning engagement of the group for aditional hindering 151
Nabi Allah Dehghan, Hamid Alizadeh, Sedighe Mirzaei-Alamouti A study on the effects of customer value and perceived value on customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and repurchase intention 173
Kamaldeen Ibraheem Nageri , Sherifdeen Ibraheem Nageri, Abdullateef Amin The joint impact of stock market and corruption on economic growth and development in Nigeria: Evidence from cointegration and VECM analysis 189
Thaddeus Oforegbunam Ebitringa, Ekwenwa Kevin Chinemerem, Ifeyinwa Edith Ebiringa Student engagement and partnering for employability skills development 201
Kristina Mijić, Dejan Jakšić, Nemanja Berber  The analysis of productivity and profitability in the CEE region: Focus on private and public sector 215
Agnieszka  Czajkowska, Renata Stasiek-Betlejewska Quaility management tools applying in the strategy of logistics services quality improvement 225
Lidija Stefanovska, Mande Solunčlevski Creating competitive organizational strategy using the funnel method 235
Vesna Spasojević Brkić, Maria Franceska Milazzo, Aleksandar Brkić, Tasko Maneski Emerging risks in smart process industry cranes survey: SAFERA research project SPRINCE 247
Professional Paper:
Milan Topić, Hubert Biedermann Planning of integrated/sustainable solid waste management (ISWM) - Model of integrated solid waste management in Republika Srpska (BiH) 255
Editorial Note:
Ivan Mihajlović, Milena Otašević Open World Program - Building the bridge between USA and countries of Eurasia  269
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