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Serbian Journal of Management, 19(1) (2024) 1 - 242

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Sergey Sveshnikov, Victor Bocharnikov, Tatjana Uvarova, Petr Kovalchuk MetadataAlgorithms for assessing the qualitative and quantitative risks of lending to small and medium-sized businesses based on Fuzzy calculus 1
Sanja Bakić MetadataAssessing the spillover of shocks from the oil market to the stock market of different industry sectors in America - a quantile regression approach 33
Sulabh Agarwal, Richa Singh Dubey MetadataA bibliometric and thematic review of green marketing and green consumer behavior research from 2000 to 2022 51
Mahyarni Mahyarni, Okfalisa Okfalisa MetadataSMEs digitalization readiness in supporting Sharia fintech: framework development using quadruple perceives in fuzzy analytical hierarchy process (FUZZY AHP)  71
Lorraine Rayelle Gomes, Juao C. Costa MetadataValue relevance of managed earnings in Indian firms: an impact analysis of IFRS convergence using dynamic panel models 99
Imtiaz Arif, Lubna Khan, Nida Irshad MetadataDoes time matter? Impact of financial decision-making abilities on financial choices mediated by time perspective 117
Kata Rebeka Szűcs, Andrea Tick, Regina Zsuzsanna Reicher MetadataApplying attitude theory to determine user security approaches 133
Danijela Despotović, Miloš Dimitrijević, Marko Savićević MetadataЕffects of sectoral structure of foreign direct investment on economic development: the case of Еuropean developing countries 149
Jelena Sobanova, Professor Marina Kudinska MetadataManaging operational risk in banks during times of instability 167
Lucie Depoo, Aimee Hermida MetadataThe role and factors impacting virtual human resource management capacity to build remote teams' reliability and retention  187
Ivana Markovic, Marina Janković Perić, Biljana Rabasović MetadataThe influence of corporate characteristics on CSR reporting in Serbia 207
José Morelos Gómez, Diana Vargas Franco, Gisselle Romero Sánchez  Metadata Еxploring frugal innovation’s contribution on the manufacturing companies: an in-depth systematic review   219
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